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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means many things to many people. My involvement has been at the enterprise content level. I have several examples here, but let's throw some keywords at you:

University of Texas at Arlington

I was brought in as one of five content migration leads. This project included both their public-facing website as well as a new and improved intranet. My primary focus was the College of Science.

I worked with a subject matter expert (SME) and several student workers to migrate their content from Canvas to Sitecore. We developed content models and hierarchies for the final site.

UTA's College of Science web modernization project

A National Health Insurance Company

I performed an intranet modernization project with a major health insurance company. The project included inventorying the old content from five different SharePoint sites, writing an assessment for their content, conducted content workshops, and then developing a plan for migrating the content into a single training site in Modern SharePoint.

We delivered a Modern SharePoint portal for growth and learning. The client was happy and loved our engagement and high-quality deliverables.

A Global Retail Company

For an internationally known retail company, my team and I were engaged to modernize an intranet primarily maintained as a set of static pages in Dreamweaver. The initial audit found 90,000 pages.

We conducted several design thinking workshops, performed an audience analysis survey, and facilitated a card sort.

A screenshot of the card sort

After the content assessment and several stakeholder meetings, we performed a migration of the old content into Modern SharePoint. However, I introduced structure into the mix. We used DITA as a platform-independent model (PIM). We used the vocabulary of DITA but worked within the technical constraints of SharePoint.

We introduced the idea of topic-based authoring. We designed content models and wrote a governance document, including a RACI. The client is considered a major success story.