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Technical Writing

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I earned a BA in Professional and Technical writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and haven't looked back. As a user advocate, I learned usability, accessibility, and marketing before UX became an umbrella term.

User Manuals

I've written user manuals for hardware and software since I started my career. I learned Information Mapping and later converted that skill into structured content with SGML and later XML, specifically DocBook and DITA.

Sample user manual during conversion and editing from unstructured to DITA in Oxygen XML

Online Help

I've been creating online help my entire career. Online help has gone through many iterations over the years from Windows and Mac help to digital transformation projects. Most recently, I've had several projects where we created an online help system within a larger web project.

An embedded help system within Sitecore with its own search and table of contents

The previous example was for the University of Texas at Arlington. Just for a fun comparison, here is a Windows Help screenshot I did for University of Illinois in 2003.

A sample of Windows Help