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IA and Devops

A nation-wide mobile carrier needed a system to create and archive a point-of-sale (POS) summary that is printed when customers make changes to their accounts. These documents are required by an FCC mandate and must be archived for 7 years. We had to support up to 50,000 transactions per hour; this is known as their Black Friday Scenario.

Network and Hardware Design

This project began with an evaluation of the POS software’s existing infrastructure. I designed dev, testing, and production environments to compliment the POS.

I used FCC guidelines as well as requirements from Marketing and Legal to create a data map of the elements that would comprise this form. Prototypes were then developed for Adobe LiveCycle, the CMS for the PDF file generation.

Workflow Development

Adobe LiveCycle is a powerful tool for enforcing workflows. In this case we needed a way to design the form quickly to go into production.